School Hours


Class lesson time each day at Holy Family Catholic Primary School is 9.05am – 3.15pm. The morning session includes 9.05 – 11.15am. Recess break is 11.15 – 11.35am. The mid session for teaching and learning is 11.35am – 1.00pm. Lunch break includes 1.00 – 1.50pm. The afternoon session is 1.50 – 3.15pm.

9.05 – 11.15am: Lessons
11.15 – 11.35am: Recess Break
11.35 – 1.00pm: Lessons
1.00 – 1.50pm: Lunch Break
1.50 – 3.15pm: Lessons


Students need to be at school prior to the 9.05am morning bell. The few minutes before bell time can be an important socialisation time for the students. We encourage the children to be at school before the 9.05am start time.


Teacher supervision at the front gate commences at 8.25am. Afternoon classroom supervision concludes at 3.15pm. Staff supervise bus, car and pedestrian departures each afternoon.

Parent vehicles can drop students off at the circular roadway at the top of French Smith Place. In the afternoon, French Smith Place and Marsden Lane are areas where parents park when collecting their children. School buses visit the school each morning and afternoon. A ‘Bus Zone’ exists on a section of French Smith Place.

Please present to the school office for any "Late In" / "Early Out" departures. A parent or carer must present with the student otherwise these early/late entries will be marked as "unexplained" on the class roll.

All student absences (partial and full) are recorded in our 'Compass' student administration system. Parents can view student attendance via the Compass Parent Portal.