Holy Family Catholic Primary School values homework.

Homework can be a good way to support school learning. As well, it can give parents an indication of student progress. Homework at Holy Family Catholic Primary School should not be an onerous, difficult task for students. We believe homework can assist student progress at school.


  • To develop a weekly routine focusing on study skills.
  • To develop time management and organisational skills.
  • To develop independence.
  • To provide a communication link / channel between:
      -  teacher
      -  parent
  • To consolidate spelling / reading / number skills.
  • To encourage a love of reading.
  • To be a positive experience for the child.
  • To provide an opportunity for parents to interact with their children.
  • To give the parent the opportunity to check the child’s progress.
  • Particularly for upper primary to establish a routine in preparation for High School.


As a general guide the following time allocation is recommended for homework on four nights of the week:-

  • Kindergarten, Year One: 10 minutes total time
  • Year Two, Year Three : 15 minutes total time
  • Year Four: 20 minutes total time
  • Year Five, Year Six: 25 minutes total time

Reading Homework - all students K-6 to read each night (Mon-Thurs).
Writing Homework - generally Years 5 / 6 only. Writing task set by grade teachers.
Spelling Homework - oral drill / learning of weekly spelling list words Years 2-6.
Sight Words - oral drill / learning of weekly sight words K-4.
Multiplication Tables - oral drill / learning of multiplication tables 2-6.


To assist class teachers the following ideas are offered in setting and supervising homework:

  • Establish an across grade routine for setting homework, marking homework.
  • Explain homework expectations and procedures at your Grade Night with parents.
  • Use Sight Words / Flashcards to drill understanding.
  • Reading of novels. Book or chapter reviews.
  • Maths - table drills.
  • Mini book reviews possibly for Years 5 / 6. Linked to reading.
  • Topical current affairs report possibly for Years 5 / 6.


To assist parents in understanding and coping with homework, the following considerations are offered:

  • Encourage children to be independent.
  • Don’t allow children to work until frustrated.
  • Set a regular, recognised workplace (without distractions).
  • Try to be available to help your child during homework period.
  • Contact the teacher if there are ongoing concerns.
  • Gather, collect resources to help study e.g. Time tables charts.
  • Promote / encourage good presentation (Years 5/6 writing tasks).
  • Make use of the City Library.
  • Provide praise for your child.
  • Play number and reading games with your child.
  • Keep in contact with the teacher.
  • Parents can set a study example (e.g. turn off the TV!) - Read to the children.

* * *

Holy Family School values homework and recognizes that it can assist student progress. We encourage parents to support homework and be positive when implementing routines at home. We also encourage parents to be in contact with the class teacher should a homework issue arise.